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Primary Education

Page history last edited by efaggiano 8 years, 10 months ago

Participants PE


Primary Education Working Group

PE WG Summary.docx





Eleonora Faggiano (University of Bari, Italy)

e-mail: efaggiano@dm.uniba.it

Damjan Kobal (University of Ljubliana, Slovenia)
e-mail: damjan.kobal@fmf.uni-lj.si


General educational narrative:

-          the aims of primary education

-          math: teaching arithmetic or comprehension

-          child's Why and the Wizard Because

-          learning to comprehend by simple arguments

-          getting far by many small steps

Technology narrative:

-          computer thinks instead of us (versus)

-          computer challenges us to think deeper

Learning with GeoGebra narrative:

-          ideas worth learning (versus)

-          ideas capable of teaching

We shall focus on exploring the ideas and experiences of creative use of GeoGebra on all subjects and areas of primary education.

Teacher's education narrative:

-          apostles of good teaching (with GeoGebra)

-          what can I do to improve my teaching (with GeoGebra)

-          what can I do to help others to improve their teaching (with GeoGebra)


Participant's suggestions are welcome. Final form and content of our discussions will very much depend on participants expertise and experiences.



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