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Secondary Algebra

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Participants SA


Secondary Algebra Working Group




Paul Drijvers (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands), e-mail: p.drijvers@uu.nl
Ornella Robutti (University of Torino, Italy), e-mail: ornella.robutti@unito.it


In this working group people will discuss on the teaching and learning of Algebra at secondary school level. We will focus on various aspects of teaching/learning processes of Algebra, taking into account recent research on the use of technological tools, particularly GeoGebra, which can support these processes. These aspects deal with the subject of Algebra and its relation with other subjects, as well as teaching methodologies or observation of learning activities. For these reasons, outcomes coming from research, curriculum design, teacher training experiences, and teaching/learning practices will be welcome. In particular, we will examine:


1. Epistemological aspects

  • Key concepts in Algebra with the support of technological tools;
  • Algebra integrated with other disciplines (geometry, arithmetic, calculus, physics, …);


2. Didactical and methodological aspects

  • Results on teaching/learning processes in using GeoGebra in Algebra;
  • Activities involving classes, schools, school nets on learning Algebra;
  • Methodology in Algebra classes using GeoGebra;
  • Integration of GeoGebra in curricular projects;
  • Teacher training in Algebra with the use of GeoGebra;


3. Cognitive and psychological aspects

  • Cognitive analysis of Algebra learning processes with GeoGebra or other technologies;
  •  Case studies on the learning of Algebra with the support of Geogebra.



·         Case studies on the learning of Algebra with the support of Geogebra.

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