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Interactive Whiteboards

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Participants IWB


PowerPoint from the Working group. Includes email contacts of group.



Interactive Whiteboards Working Group



Dave Miller (University of Keele, UK), e-mail: d.j.miller@educ.keele.ac.uk
Zsuzsanna Papp-Varga (Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary), e-mail: vzsuzsa@elte.hu


IWB and GeoGebra Working Group

Dave Miller, Keele University, UK

Susan Papp-Varga, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary

e-mail: vzsuzsa@elte.hu



In our view it seems natural to use GeoGebra on an IWB. In this WG we would like to discuss both the technical and pedagogical issues that arise from using Geogebra on an IWB. The topics we aim to discuss are as follows:


  • designing GeoGebra worksheets for use at the IWB environments: what differentiates this use from data projector only and computer lab uses?
  • pedagogical issues when using GeoGebra: at the board, on the desk, in the head
  • exploiting the interaction of IWB software and GeoGebra
  • gesture at the IWB when working with GeoGebra  
  • technical difficulties while using GeoGebra with IWB (recommendations for software development)
  • pedagogical research for improving GeoGebra use in IWB environments and differentiating with projector based use
  • exploring the difference between different IWB types and choosing options for optional GeoGebra use


In addition to these topics we are looking forward to receiving your suggestions and ideas for discussion.


Lavicza, Z., & Papp-Varga, Z. (2010). Integrating GeoGebra into IWB- equipped teaching environments: Preliminary results. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 19(2),245-252.

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Kathryn Peake said

at 7:32 pm on Sep 5, 2011

Would you believe it? I returned to college on Friday, all enthusiastic to start using the IWB properly - and all the IWBs have been taken off the walls! Hopefully, they will be re-installed quickly and properly set up. Kathryn

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