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Teacher Education

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Final discussion


Participants TE



Teacher Education Working Group


Mark Dawes (University of Cambridge, UK)
e-mail: MDawes@comberton.cambs.sch.uk

Adrian Oldknow (University of Chichester, UK and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

e-mail: aoldknow@yahoo.co.uk


The direction of the Teacher Education Working Group will reflect the interests and ideas of the participants. 
We will start from the different sorts of knowledge and experience that teachers seeking to use GeoGebra effectively will need. 


The following questions may be useful starting points:

How can we introduce teachers to the tools and windows in GeoGebra?

How do we deal with the different ways that teachers learn and the level of confidence they have in using technology?

What are the benefits/drawbacks of providing workshops or on-going support?

How do teachers overcome difficulties?

Do we need different approaches with pre-service teachers and experienced colleagues?

What does a “GeoGebra Classroom” look like?

What sorts of pedagogy are possible and appropriate when using GeoGebra?

How can certification and GeoGebra Institutes best support teachers?

How do we support teachers to be reflective practitioners as they use GeoGebra?



Discussion notes


Some examples using GGB4



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