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On-line Education

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Participants OE


On-line Education Working Group



Morten Misfeldt (Department of Curriculum and Research, Denmark)
e-mail: mmi@dpu.dk
Peter Boon (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
e-mail: p.boon@uu.nl


Online education and didactical design in digital learning environments


In this working group we will investigate the possibilities and challenges that GeoGebra poses to teaching and learning online. While the design of educational software used to be the domain of specialized programmers, new tools like GeoGebra offer a much more accessible and flexible environment for designing interactive activities, allowing teachers (and students) to generate digital learning environments.


Online environments have more to offer. Communication facilities between students and teachers, feedback facilities and adaptive features of educational software play an important role too. Successful educational design in digital learning environments requires a smart integration of these possibilities, for instance through web 2.0 technologies.


Online education typically facilitated by learning management systems that supports knowledge sharing, administration and communication between the different actors in an educational setting. Problems, Solutions and good practices that involves the integration between GoeGebra and Learning Management Systems will be discussed in the working group.


In this working group we would like to create opportunities to present new tools and solutions, good practices, empirical investigations, ideas and theoretical frameworks that can support our understanding of GeoGebras potentials and pitfall in regarding online education.

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