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College Statistics and Calculus

Page history last edited by Mike May, S.J. 9 years, 1 month ago

Participants CSC


Overview of report 


College Statistics and Calculus Working Group

Mike May (Saint Louis University, USA)
e-mail: maymk@slu.edu
George Sturr (Santa Rosa Junior College, USA)
e-mail: george@geogebra.at


This group looks at issues connected with using GeoGebra fro college level calculus and statistics


  1. New capabilities for calculus and statistics – An exploration of new features, particularly those added in release 4.0, and how these features can be productively used to cover standard topics in the normal syllabi for calculus and statistics courses.
  2. Wish list for the next release – An exploration of the parts of the syllabi not covered with a goal of producing a wish list for the next release.
  3. Modes of class use – An exploration on how GeoGebra can be effectively used in teaching courses. Obvious methods include demonstration by the teacher, applets available to the student, incorporation into a homework system, and exploration by the students.  Look at issues that will make each method more or less effective in a given setting.
  4. Development of coherent sets of materials for courses – Are there ways to produce "complete GeoGebra supplements" for courses and popular texts?
  5. Development of guide materials for instructors – What materials, in the sense of annotated examples, tutorials, and supplements would help course instructors develop reasonable materials?
  6. Structures of faculty development – What strategies will help GeoGebra move from use by early adopters to broader use?


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