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GeoGebra Institutes

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Participants GI


GeoGebra Institutes Working Group

Zsolt Lavicza (University of Cambridge, UK)
e-mail: zsolt@geogebra.org

Istvan Juhos


This working group aims to brainstorm ideas for developing and changing the structure of the GeoGebra institute network. In addition, we will discuss possibilities for joint international projects, promote the development of research ideas and priorities of projects, and find out how to raise funding to support these ideas. The preliminary list of topics to be discussed in this working group:

       • Rethinking the GeoGebra Institute networks;
       • Sharing experiences from current institutes;
       • Assisting the establishment of local GeoGebra Institutes;
       • Assisting the collaboration between GeoGebra Institutes;
       • Developing ideas for Partner School network;
       • Sharing information about international funding opportunities;
       • Investigating postgraduate student funding options;
       • Encouraging publications and dissemination;
       • Exploring opportunities for professional development in local and international communities.

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