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Keynote Drijvers

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Paul Drijvers (Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
e-mail: p.drijvers@uu.nl


Skills & Technology


The relationship between skills and technology is subject to debate among mathematics educators. On the one hand, technology offers means to practice and assess mathematical skills. On the other hand, technology is blamed to have a detrimental impact on students’ paper-and-pencil skills.

In this presentation, different aspects of the skills & technology relationship will be addressed: the paper and pencil – technology dimension, the basic skills – higher order skills aspect, the technical and pedagogical skills teachers need to acquire, and the skills that designers and researchers need in order to develop appropriate content and to investigate its effects.

As a conclusion, we claim that in spite of the work that needs to be done in this field, the acquisition of skills and the integration of technology can get along very well in mathematics education.


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