Keynote Trouche

Luc Trouche(Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France)


Considering interactions between teachers and resources at the heart of teacher development: a case study in dynamic geometry environments

We will present a research work about an innovative French national teacher training program: the Pairform@nce program (, designed to sustain ICT integration. We will study a specific training for secondary school teachers, whose objective is to foster the development of an inquiry-based approach in the teaching of mathematics, using investigative potentialities of dynamic geometry environments.

We will adopt the theoretical background of the documentational approach to didactics (Gueudet et al., to be published), focusing on the interactions between teachers and resources: teachers’ professional knowledge influences these interactions, which at the same time yield knowledge evolutions, a twofold process that we conceptualise as a documentational genesis.

We will follow in particular the work of a team of trainees (Gueudet & Trouche 2011), analyse their professional development, and finally question the potentialities of such a training for engaging new modes of teaching mathematics in dynamic geometry environments.

Gueudet, G., Pepin, B., & Trouche, L. (eds.) (to be published in 2011), From Textbooks to ‘Lived’ Resources: Mathematics Curriculum Materials and Teacher Documentation, Springer.

Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2011), Mathematics teacher education advanced methods: an example in dynamic geometry, ZDM, The International Journal on Mathematics Education, online