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Keynote Lavicza

Page history last edited by Zsolt Lavicza 8 years, 10 months ago

The GeoGebra Community and the International GeoGebra Institute

Zsolt Lavicza, University of Cambridge, UK (zl221@cam.ac.uk)


The GeoGebra community is rapidly growing at all regions around the world. Currently, GeoGebra attracts more than 300,000 downloads from 190 countries. This increased use compelled the establishment of the International GeoGebra Insitute (IGI) that serves as a virtual organization to support local GeoGebra initiatives and institutes. There are already more than 60 established institutes on every continent, which pursue training and support of teachers, develop teaching materials, and carry out research projects.  In my presentation, I will review activities of the community as well as outline ideas and directions for community and institute network development.


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