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Hohenwarter Keynote

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Current GeoGebra Projects

Markus Hohenwarter (Creator of GeoGebra), Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, markus@geogebra.org



GeoGebra 4

Michael Borcherds (GeoGebra Lead Developer), Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall, UK, michael@geogebra.org



GeoGebra has come a long way from a student project to an international open source project with a large user community around the world. The GeoGebra developer team will give an overview of the many new features in GeoGebra 4 including GeoGebraCAS (symbolic view), GeoGebraMobile (applet support on mobile phones and tablets), GeoGebraPrim (elementary school version) and updated Spreadsheet/Statistics. We will also present our new material platform GeoGebraTube, and dare a glimpse into the future including GeoGebraMobile and GeoGebra3D.



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