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Parallel Sessions 3

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Tue, 10:00-12:00

Parallel session 3

TE, Room: HS 5

CSC, Room: HS 3

GD, Room: HS 4

SG, Room: Audimax

Room: HS 6


Mark Dawes   

Adrian Oldknow


Mike May

George Sturr


Markus Hohenwarter
Michael Borcherds


Evelyn Stepancik
Esteban Diaz











Christian Kohls

(SMART Technologies)


Lesson design for Interactive Whiteboards

(60 min)


Gerrit Stols

Does the use of technology make a difference in pre-service teachers’ geometric cognitive growth? 

Anton Vrdoljak

Advanced Simulation for Solving Van der Waals’ Equation 

Gabor Ancsin

GeoGebraMobile – GeoGebra on mobile devices


Takaci Durdica and Takaci Arpad
Generalized function and GeoGebra 

Gerson Pastre Oliveira and Celina A.A.P. Abar

Pedagogical workshops of Mathematics Education and ICTs 

Péter Körtesi

Using GeoGebra in Teaching


Julian Lettner

GeoGebra on iPad and Android tablets


Miguel A. Abanades 

LocusEqu: a command to (symbolically) obtain the equation of a locus

Nada Razpet
Explanation of a phenomenon with picture, equation and simulation 

Milad Afshinmanesh
Dynamic Teaching

Dynamic Teaching

Darko Drakulic and Philipp Birklbauer

Implicit curves


Francu Nicolae

Locus Examples and a Rainbow of Algebra


Marko Razpet

A diacaustic curve 

Werner Olivier Using GeoGebra applets as a supplement to a technology based skills upgrade programme for in-service mathematics educators in South Africa 

Michael Borcherds
Using GeoGebra & JavaScript to Create a Sophisticated Online Assessment System

Plans on Moodle

Roman Hasek

Numerical analysis of a planar motion


Valentyna Pikalova 

Problem Solving with Pre-service Teachers

Dr. P. K. Chaurasia and Prof. I. K. Rana

Geogebra Kit in Geometry at secondary Stage

Presentation file

Miguel A. Abanades and Francisco Botana
An Automatic Deduction Environment for GeoGebra Based on the Open Source Computer Algebra System Sage





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