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Parallel Sessions 4

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Tue, 14:00-15:30

Parallel Sessions 4

TE, Room: HS 5

RP, Room: HS 3

PE, Room: HS 4

OE, Room: Audimax

Room: HS 6


Mark Dawes
Adrian Oldknow


Gabriel Stylianides
Anders Sanne


Eleonora Faggiano
Damjan Kobal


Morten Misfeldt

Peter Boon








Christian Kohls

(SMART Technologies)


Lesson design for Interactive Whiteboards

 (60 min)


Shi-Pui Kwan

Mathematics, Origami and GeoGebra 

Ysette Weiss-Pidstrygach

On peri- and diameters: going around an passing through 

Eleonora Faggiano and Rosa Laura Ancona

GeoGebra and IWB: current practices and open problems

Morten Misfeldt and Simon Hempel Jørgensen

GeoGebra e-learning modules for in-service training of teachers 

Kan Kan Chan

Teachers’ perception of Geogebra for Mathematic Education 

Oleksiy Yevdokimov

Where do conjectures come from? Research into the interplay between conjecture and proof as it is seen through the GeoGebra environment 

Josip Klicinovic  

Geometry and art using GeoGebra

Matija Lokar

Screencasts in Teaching with GeoGebra


Hatice Akkoc

Pre-service mathematics teachers’ assessment practices using Geogebra 

Světlana Tomiczková Computer-Aided Learning and Teaching Geometry in Courses for Engineering 

Peter Boon

Designing versatile digital learning materials for mathematics education

Subhan Sabar

Easy GeoGebra Manager Plugin, Share GeoGebra files easily at Wordpress

Doru Paunescu and Đurđica Takači

A Geogebra teaching strategy: gaming-conjecturing-proving 

Mats Brunström and Maria Fahlgren

 Activities in a Dynamic Software Environment that Engage Students in the Process of Proving

Rainer Kaenders

Functions can not be seen 

Tomaž Kranjc

GeoGebra as a tool for independent creations of simulations in physics instruction 


Freyja Hreinsdóttir

Some views of teachers on the use of GeoGebra in Mathematics Education in Iceland 


Georg Wengler

Oblique Projection and Affine Transformation


Alfredo Bautista, Zekeriya Karadag and Yi-Yin Ko

The Use of GeoGebra in Primary Education: Challenges and Opportunities


Peter Boon

Designing digital math activities with de DME (Digital Math Environment)



Coffee Break


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