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How to get to the conference site

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Hotel & Conference Venue Location

The GeoGebra Conference 2011 takes place in Hagenberg near Linz, Austria:


Getting to Hagenberg

The conference venue in the Lecture Halls FH Hagenberg (map) is very close to the RISC institute of JKU. Please find detailed information on how to get to Hagenberg by bus, train, or taxi on the following RISC page:

  • Getting to Hagenberg gives all the details on buses, trains and taxi
  • If you cannot share a taxi with others (see below) and 80 Euro is too expensive for you, we recommend the following route: Go to the railway station "Hoersching" with the free shuttle from the airport (to be requested from the info desk at the airport). From there, go to Linz railway station by train and then take the bus to Hagenberg. You find your connection through the online routeplanner http://fahrplan.oebb.at/, enter "Hörsching Bahnhst" as starting point and "Hagenberg im Mühlkreis Ortsmitte" as destination.


Taxi Sharing from Airport Linz on Sunday, August 28

Unfortunately, there is no bus from the airport to the central train station Linz on Sundays. So, apart from the train from Linz Hoersching (see above), a taxi ride from the airport directly to Hagenberg might be a good option, but is unfortunately quite expensive (about 80 Euros). If you would like to share a taxi with other participants, please add your name to the flight in the table below:


Sun, Aug 28

Arrival Time

Airline Flight Coming from Add your name if you are on this flight
and might want to share a taxi
10:00 Lufthansa LH 1250 Frankfurt/Main

P.K. Chaurasia


13:35 Austrian Airlines OS 951 Wien

Amitava Saraswati 

Maria Falidas

Christian Kohls


CK: How do we find each other?

AS. My email id is  amitava.saraswati@gmail.com  and my  cell no. is +447550049599.


14:15 Lufthansa LH 1252 Frankfurt/Main

David Obrador

Ada Sargenti

Ornella Robutti

Anthony Or

Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak


David: nowadays 4 people let's share 1 taxi? my email dobrador@xtec.cat

Anthony: Yes. My email is orchiming@gmail.com 

Ada: I confirme two people (also Ornella). Our email: adasar@gmail.com, ornella.robutti@unito.it . We'll have a sign "Geogebra Hagemberg" to find each other

Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak

17:05 NIKI HG 3727 Palma de Mallorca  
17:40 Lufthansa LH 1254 Frankfurt/Main

Anders Sanne

Miguel Abanades + Adamou Ibrahim

Mathieu Blossier

Mark Dabbs

Tor Espen Kristensen


Mathieu : my mail is mathieu at geogebra.org

17:50 Austrian Airlines OS 955 Wien  
18:00 Ryanair FR 1903 London-Stansted

Dave Miller

Michael Borcherds, email michael at geogebra.org for mobile no

Gabriel Stylianides

Simon Kerly

Celina Abar

Kathryn Peake

18:20 Air Berlin AB 8306 Berlin Tegel  
21:15 Austrian Airlines OS 212 Düsseldorf  
21:45 Austrian Airlines OS 957 Wien  
22:20 Lufthansa LH 1256 Frankfurt/Main Luc Trouche



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