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Participants GD

Page history last edited by Michael Borcherds 8 years, 11 months ago
Florian Sonner  florian@geogebra.org GeoGebraTube
Simon Weitzhofer simon@geogebra.org CAS
Mathieu Blossier  mathieu@geogebra.org 3D
Gabor Ancsin  gabor@geogebra.org Mobile, JavaScript
Zoltan Kovacs  zoltan@geogebra.org Server network, Theorem proving
Julian Lettner  julian.lettner@gmail.com Mobile, Branches / Merging
Wim Van Velthoven  wimvanvelthoven@gmail.com

DME, Freudenthal Institute

with Peter Boon

Miguel A. Abanades   Locus line equations
Francisco Botana   Locus line equations
Hans-Petter Ulven hans-petter@geogebra.org Numerical Algorithms (Fitting, Roots)
Michael Borcherds michael@geogebra.org Release manager
Rudolf GroƟmann rg58@gmx.de Mediawiki Extension, Java EquEd
Philipp Birklbauer philipp@geogebra.org Implicit Curves
Darko Drakulic ddrakulic@gmail.com Implicit Curves, Barycentric Coordinates
Arnaud Delobelle arnodel@gmail.com Input, JavaScript EquEd, Python scripting, non-Euclidian geometry
George Sturr george@geogebra.org Spreadsheet
Yong Joon Kim
Geometric Algorithms, Data Compression
Myung-Soo Kim
Geometric Algorithms, Data Compression
Yunku Kang yunku2002@hanmail.net Geometric Algorithms, Data Compression
Arpad Fekete arpad@geogebra.org EVERYTHING
Judit Elias judit.elias@geogebra.org WebGL
Judit Robu robu@cs.ubbcluj.ro Proving
Christoph Reinisch christoph.reinisch@geogebra.org Moodle
Vaclav Simandl v.simandl@seznam.cz

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Anton Vrdoljak  anton.vrdoljak@gmail.com WEB 




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